Join the race for grand prize of up to 70 ETH - winner takes it all!

Total of 11,111 islands will be available in our on-chain Play-to-Win adventure game called Treasure Island. From every mint, a hefty 20 % goes straight to the ETH prize pool that will be claimed by the winner of the game.

After the game, CRIMSON utility tokens will be issued to all players. The token holders form a community that gets priority access to our future projects including the release of original hand-drawn game art work!

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The Game

Journey starts from your home island!

This is where your journey begins - harvest gold, wood and iron to build a ship and train a mighty army! Pick your strategy somewhere between fast or strong but be quick with decisions as there’s no room to be sluggish as your rivals won’t wait for you!

Set sail towards the Treasure Island!

Brace yourself for the dangers of the sea!

As the wind is taking you forward, and the captain's eyes are locked on the treasure, there’s no turning back now! Crossing an open sea is full of dangers - hope your crew has high morale and is prepared to face sea monsters and storms on the way!

When in doubt, just remember that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!

Treasure in sight! Last-man-standing!

Only the strongest, fastest or luckiest armies will ever make it to the Treasure Island. Now you must defeat other armies that made it here to conquer the Treasure Island and sail home with the grand ETH treasure!



Our approach to roadmap is different: in addition to rewarding our beloved players, we give more players a chance to fight over the treasure as more tokens get minted. Even though the game itself is a one-shot opportunity, we want the Island owners to form a long-lived and strong community that gets exclusive benefits in our future projects. Yet, we don't believe in mile-long lists of empty promises, and rather list only stuff we truly believe in and are committed to deliver.

999 - THANKS!

  • 1x 999 CRIMSON airdrop for a random holder
  • 2 free mints for random holders
  • Final battle size increased to 32 players

2,777 - LET'S GO!

  • 1x 2,777 CRIMSON airdrop for a random holder
  • 2 free mints for random holders

5,555 - WAGMI!

  • 1x 5,555 CRIMSON airdrop for a random holder
  • Final battle size increased to 64 players

8,333 - GODSPEED!

  • 1x 8,333 CRIMSON airdrop for a random holder

11,111 - BOOMING!

  • 1x 11,111 CRIMSON airdrop for a random holder
  • 1x original NFT art piece for a random holder
  • Final battle size increased to 128 players


  • Issuance of CRIMSON utility token (ERC20)
  • Release of very exclusive original art work of Treasure Island as NFTs (ERC721)
  • Announcement of future project(s)
  • Community for Treasure Island token holders that grants priority access to all above
  • No empty promises. We've seen enough of those. Only stuff we're 100% committed to deliver

* CRIMSON is our own utility token

Meet our team



Might be kraken

Your friendly NFT degen // In crypto since 2017 // IT Project manager and Product owner // Lentils&Tofu // ETH maxi



Cannonballs & Belly Flops

Digital art // UI/UX // NFT projects // Inking skin on my freetime



Bubbling under

Solidity and solidarity // Tech and crypto enthusiast // Web2 by day, Web3 by night // Full stack developer with 10+ years of experience from Web2 software industry // Believer of Web3/decentralized // BEER maxi



Why is the rum gone?

Web3 newcomer // Web2 Swiss army knife // One man tech team behind many successful projects and companies // Guitars&Vox

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to mint? Price for mint? Supply? How many can I mint? Which Blockchain? When is mint?
Minting is done through our website with cost of 0.033 ETH per island. Total number of 11,111 islands will be available. Minting is limited to 10 per transaction. Minting goes live in April. Exact day will be announced on #📣・announcements on Discord, Twitter and Instagram.
How big is the prize pool?
Up to 70 ETH! So, invite your friends to play with us too.
When is the reveal? When will the game start?
Traits are generated at mint time and the art work reveal is in 1-2 days after the minting has ended. Countdown for the game start will begin at the time of reveal. Follow #📣・announcements on Discord!
Do you have a whitelist?
250 first members on our Discord will get whitelisted through an OG role. Some whitelist spots are also given through competitions on Twitter and Discord!
How do I know if the Island I minted is good?
Gold, wood and iron production are in range 16..255, difficulty in range 0..20, and moral & health in range 0..10. Traits are randomly generated at mint time, and excessive effort was put to the balancing of game mechanics and trait generation so that you can play with any island. Still, obviously with better traits it is more likely to succeed in the game. The balancing weights average trait values in minting and also guarantees that an average ship (speed and capacity 128/255) and army (128/255 soldiers) has a realistic chance to make it through the adversities of the voyage.
How will the game proceed? How do I find a good strategy?
See #🎮・game-tutorial and #🧭・strategy-and-progress on Discord.
What if the sea is too harsh for my crew/army (game over)?
The army's gone but the captain will sail the empty ship back to the home island so that you can train a new army and restart the voyage.
What happens to my Island after the game? Do every Island owner get CRIMSON tokens?
Yes, every Island holder will get CRIMSON tokens that give you benefits and can be utilized in our future projects. The number of tokens you'll get depends on 1) your final standing in the game and 2) how early you minted. See 'After the game' section of our roadmap for full details.